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[]expMods21.03.2017 00:15:034-
[]oldStuff20.03.2017 21:01:382-
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[jar]Homm5Patcher.jar20.03.2017 18:31:14542,044Heroes 5 Patcher to patch yml files into Heroes5. Yml files must be in the same directory as Homm5Patcher.jar. Forum Thread. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
[yml]atb.yml20.03.2017 21:17:583,725A compilation of various ATB related values.
[yml]energychannel.yml24.12.2016 02:33:221,437Changes Energy Channel Mana Cost Reduction from 25% to 10%
[yml]enlightenment.yml03.12.2016 02:31:101,140Changes level divisor from (2,3,4) to (3,4,5) making you gain less attributes from enlightenment
[yml]healingTent.yml03.12.2016 02:33:484,356Increases healing amount from the healing tent from (10,20,50,100) to (10,40,75,200) depending on mastery
[yml]healingTentPerLevel.yml03.12.2016 02:34:454,527Depending on mastery of war machines each hero level will add 0, 4, 8 or 10 hp to healing amount of the healing tent.
[yml]healingTentSpeciality.yml03.12.2016 02:35:254,272Balsamer Speciality gives depending on hero level not only absolute values, but also percentage values to the healing amount of the tent. Screenshot
[yml]levelsV20.yml20.03.2017 18:29:4313,463A better experience curve and raises max level to 99. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
[yml]levelsV21.yml18.12.2018 12:57:1713,157A small update to the experience curve, raises max level to 100. Screenshot
[yml]maxArtifacts.yml24.12.2016 19:44:003,140Changes the amount of available artifacts from 97 to 150.
[yml]miniArtifactsV2.yml20.03.2017 21:16:4513,446Changes how the attributes of the mini artifacts are calculated depending on hero's wisdom.
[yml]movement.yml03.12.2016 03:03:468,011A collection of hero movement on adventure map related values. The defaults do not change anything. Screenshot
[yml]multipleInstances.yml30.05.2016 20:34:131,184Removes the check whether another instance of the game is already running. Works also for the map editor.
[yml]ncf.yml03.12.2016 02:43:352,278New Creatures Framework patch.
[yml]pest.yml24.12.2016 11:02:045,523Permanent and Endless Simultaneous Turns. Makes simultaneous turns last forever. Players can interact in real time with each other. Screenshot
[yml]towerDamage.yml20.03.2017 20:42:175,168Makes tower damage more effective with higher town levels.